PIDS Inclusion, Diversity, Access & Equity Grand Rounds Series - Shared screen with speaker view
ryo miyakawa
I really think certain fellowship programs should be able to get fellows complete J1 clinical waiver when we have SO MUCH difficulty filling fellowship positions.
Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle
thank you boht for those great presentations
Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle
Coralee Del Valle Mojica
Who decides giving priority to certain subspecialties at a state level?
Zheyi Teoh
One other area that PIDS and its members could help is with advocacy. There have been laws in the past including proposed duration of status changes with j1 that would have had major impacts on IMGs. There have also been proposed laws that go nowhere with increasing Conrad positions nationally and these would be great issues for PIDS to help advocacy for as a society
Ana Del Valle Penella
There is now a new waiver option called HHS, which is exclusively for primary which has opened up Conrad 30 to be filled by subspecialty physicians
Zheyi Teoh
I remember PIDS advocacy with fighting the duration of status change proposed rule two years ago and I think that was great to see support from the society
Eimear Kitt
It would be great to provide financial assistance to fellows for this. Personally, as a prior J1 visa holder, the cost of attorney fees and even yearly J1 renewals was a lot as a fellow.
Guyu Li,MD
Thanks for both presentations. For IMG, any opportunity to apply for grants or funding to do the clinical research projects during the fellowship training? If holding J or H1b visa . Many thanks!
Claudia Vicetti
I think it is also important that PIDS can connect current or prospective fellows on Visas with physicians who already went through the process and can provide advise and direction. I know a big struggle for me was not having a guide, as none of my mentors or senior fellows were familiar with the process. After going through it, I would be happy so talk to trainees on job options and how to go about it
ryo miyakawa
I understand that a lot of things we IMGs would like to see happen requires the change in the law, which many of us do not feel entitled to ask for because we are not citizens. But we need changes in the law. I really feel that our program directors need to advocate for these changes. If they are not, they should really take down their “diversity statements” on their fellowship program websites.
Giordano Sosa Soto
I would like to thank PIDS to bring these important conversations to all parties - fellows and fellowship programs. As an IMG, the support in regards to these topics is very important.
Claudia Vicetti
And I think even bringing this to discussion and increasing awareness if a huge first step.
Tanya Rogo
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Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle
that is a great idea pids and espid should work together for this I agree
Jessica Whitley
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