PIDS Inclusion, Diversity, Access & Equity Grand Rounds Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Buddy Creech
Good morning and afternoon everyone! We’re going to get started just a few minutes after 1pm ET
Coralee Del Valle Mojica
Hi - great to see you as well! Overall, life is well. Enjoying the day to day, learning and being ok with everything I dont know. Getting married in May so coming up!!!! Lets carve out some time for a phone call or zoom call soon. Ill shoot you an email.
Kimberly Okafor
Good afternoon! I’m an African American woman going into MedPeds ID. There are at least two of us who matched in 2021, so that is not likely accounted for in NRMP since we matched through the adult side
Anat Feingold
Any data on what percent of graduates from Peds ID fellowships are practicing in Peds ID positions?
Hayley Gans
@Scott, thanks for a great overview. Do you have denominator numbers for residents within the URiM categories and likewise for those going into subspecialties, and as Kimberly says, how do we account for any med/peds fellows.
Patricia Pichilingue Reto
Is there any data on the stats of URiM for Peds ID fellowship program directors?
Diego Cruz Vidal
It's there any information on how many fellows had prior international post-graduate training?
Charles Mitchell
Why not consider training international applicant who are committed to returning to their home countries where their skills are in dire need? this would increase the number of trainees and provide the necessary trained physicians where they are really needed.
Jessica Snowden
Very important point and representation definitely matters.
Jessica Snowden
We explore options we can see in front of us.
Jessica Snowden
That is something we saw on the diversity survey, a desire for more visible diversity in our PIDS leadership. We should all keep that in mind in nominations & voting.
Christy Phillips
Jessica Whitley
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