World TB Day Congressional Briefing on COVID-19 Impacts on Global TB - Shared screen with speaker view
Donna Mae Gaviola
kapit lang, Ms. Flor. magandang umaga!
Dr. Ken Castro
Participants are reminded to place questions in the Q/A section of Zoom. Thank you!
Rabita Aziz
We are at time however will stay on a few extra minute to answer questions - please feel free to stay on. If not, thank you all for joining!
Pete Dupree
Happy World TB Day everyone. Yes, thanks to all the great presenters for sharing their experiences and knowledge!
Florita Dalida
Thank you for this opportunity to share the most unmet need of persons with TB in the Philippines - livelihood and economic stability during and even after treatment. Hoping that USAID could be of great help in addressing this concern. Thank you so much.
Florita Dalida
Thank you, Diana :-)