Antimicrobial Resistance and COVID-19: How Congress can Address Converging Crises - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr Vikram Singh
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Terry Burgess
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Steve Diggle
Perhaps a problem is that when developing an antibiotic, companies want them to be broad spectrum. But there are alternatives where you can specifically target particular problem bugs. Phage is one example. Another is bacteriocins which are produced by bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa to kill other strains of the same bug. In the lab they are highly potent and basic animal studies have shown they can work in infection. Yet, there seems to be less interest in developing these than antibiotics and I wonder why as evolution has tuned them to be very specific. Something to think about is whether we have to start to get away from the idea of developing broad spectrum drugs and which we know bugs will soon become resisatnt to.
Dr Vikram Singh
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